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Jetstream of Houston Announces Global Launch of Compact Pump

Jetstream of Houston LLP, a leading manufacturer of industrial high-pressure waterblasting equipment, parts and accessories, launches its 2000 Series UNx™ Bareshaft pump to the global market. The smallest pump in Jetstream’s now seven-series line, the 2000 Series was developed as a compact option for industrial applications and offers minimal maintenance and maximum efficiency for jobs ranging from rig washing, petrochemical cleaning, hydrostatic testing, chemical injection, food processing and more. The flexibility in pressures achievable with the 2000 Series UNx technology brings a versatility to the market that was previously missing in other pumps of comparable size.

“The 2000 Series will undoubtedly open doors to a wide range of new applications for our bareshaft pumps,” said Jordan Koster, product and marketing manager for Jetstream of Houston LLP. “We are excited to see the jobs and projects our customers will find for this pump as the versatility and ease of maintenance it offers really is a unique new offering for this market segment.”

Compatible with up to 75-horsepower engines, the pump boasts flow capabilities of 6,000 to 15,000 psi and up to 20 gpm. Its triplex plunger design consists of three crankshaft-propelled plungers, offering powerful and smooth operation on the most demanding duty cycles. UNx fluid end technology offers versatility by enabling a quick and easy three-step valve change process in the field to accommodate different pressure and flow requirements for a wide range of applications.

Jetstream maximizes uptime with the 2000 Series by raising the bar when it comes to engineering in the low-horsepower pump market. The 2000 Series pump, like other Jetstream models, offers streamlined maintenance with its parts commonality and ease of repair, allowing the user to maintain the pump rather than spend additional time and money on professional services. The packing, univalves and plungers on the pump can all be changed in the field in five minutes or less. Operators can also easily adjust the water lube with a simple-to-use system, lending to optimal wear life. All parts and components are manufactured in-house in the company’s Houston, Texas facility, allowing for exceptional quality and pinpoint consistency.

Jetstream prioritizes safety and the 2000 Series is no exception. A standard locking rod box cover protects both the operator and equipment while also boosting serviceability, and dual rupture discs provide pressure relief protection to prevent injury.

“This pump offers outstanding capabilities for customers both stateside and across the globe,” said Jordan Koster. “We recognized that the current pumps that existed in the small-horsepower waterblasting market did not offer the versatility or durability that customers needed, and developed the 2000 Series to fill that gap.”

The 2000 Series UNx Bareshaft pump is available now for operations looking to incorporate it into their own self-built unit or to replace a worn-out pump. Jetstream will offer this pump option on its X-Series waterblasting units later this fall. Visit Jetstream’s website at to learn more about the 2000 Series pump and Jetstream’s full range of waterblasting pumps and tools.

About Jetstream of Houston LLP

Jetstream is a leading global manufacturer of industrial high-pressure waterblasting equipment, parts and accessories. With more than 45 years of experience in the industry, the company offers expertise in products and solutions for maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime. For more information: Jetstream of Houston LLP, 5905 Thomas Road, Houston, TX 77041; 832-590-1300; www.waterblast.comFacebookLinkedInYouTube.

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