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ISO-Reliability Partners champions the benefits of predictive maintenance

Clients looking for improved reliability and availability of industrial equipment have a new partner in ISO-Reliability Partners. “Our expertise combines the sciences of lubrication, filtration and tribology. We offer unique and dramatic cost-reduction solutions for our customers,” says Craig FitzGerald.

“We analyse in-operation oil samples and implement proactive measures to counter machine wear, the essence of predictive maintenance,” says Craig. The company’s reputation and success span 25 years, with it owning and managing the iconic Filter Focus brand, and Craig having incorporated all his intellectual property into the new company.

ISO-Reliability Partners is an own emblem manufacturer (OEM) of class-leading micro fine oil filtration solutions, vacuum dehydration systems, automated water removal for compressed air and high efficiency industrial air scrubbing.

“The majority of our clients are manufacturing facilities, general industry and mining. Our products are suited to any large-scale user of industrial equipment, gearboxes or mobile machinery,” explains Craig. “Our solutions excel in high speed, extreme load, high temperature and high contamination applications.” ISO-Reliability Partners eliminates equipment failures and dramatically improves operating efficiencies.

Energy efficiency through premium lubrication

A trend in industry is to chase after price when considering lubricant purchases. The resulting inability of the lubricant to eliminate metal-to-metal contact has adverse effects on equipment performance, operating cost and ultimately the equipment’s productivity. “Significant performance improvements can be achieved when lubricants are treated as assets,” asserts Craig.

To bolster the company’s solutions, it holds distribution rights for premium US lubrication brands Bel-Ray and Royal Purple. “Both are phenomenal lubricant grades that significantly improve energy efficiency on large equipment,” says Craig.

Another USA manufactured product it distributes is Seal Saver, a breakthrough in preventative maintenance tools for hydraulic cylinders. ISO-Reliability Partners is the sole exclusive distributor for Seal Saver hydraulic cylinder protection solutions.

Numerous companies trust the company with lubrication of open gear systems. For example, at Sibanye Stillwater it holds the open gear lubrication contract, a critical application in the mining industry in terms of productivity and efficiency. “To be charged with lubricating the most important components at Sibanye’s operations is quite a feather in our cap,” comments Craig, as it reflects the client’s trust in the products it distributes and the associated thermal analysis services on offer.

Another major reference is Rand Refinery, which had a history of equipment breakdowns and unplanned stoppages prior to using the company’s products. The largest integrated single-site precious metals refining and smelting complex in the world, Rand Refinery went from 80% red indicators on problem machines to 98% green and available, with zero breakdowns to date.

“The engineering team now also has the opportunity of evergreen time to address any potential issues well in advance, whereas previously the maintenance regime was largely reactive,” says Craig. As for the future, he concludes that ISO-Reliability Partners will continue to champion the advantages of reducing energy consumptions through lubricants and make inroads into its existing industrial and mining markets as well as new ones.

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