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Fast-track, turnkey demolition solutions

By providing turnkey solutions, Jet Demolition ensures an optimised approach, as multiple contractors are replaced by a single service provider. It ensures a fast-track approach to projects, undertaking various activities simultaneously as opposed to having one contractor following on from the next.

“We are committed to find the best and most viable solutions for our clients, based on streamlined design proposals that result in a cohesive approach,” comments Jet Demolition Contracts and Project Manager Kate Bester.

“Our demolition projects are highly mechanised, thereby removing the direct physical interface between personnel and demolition work actions, as well as substantially reducing the man hours required. This improves the safety profile of the project dramatically in comparison to the standard labour-intensive methods otherwise used in South Africa,” explains Bester.

International best practice for demolition is based on high-level mechanisation, coupled with an intensive SHERQ programme, to achieve the highest levels of safety, productivity and cost-efficiency. All demolition activities are carried out by experienced employees. “As heavy industrial demolition is our core focus, we have made a significant investment in developing and retaining an exclusive skill-base through the retention of full-time, long-term employees,” highlights Bester.

What gives Jet Demolition the leading edge in the heavy industrial segment is its extensive fleet, consisting of over 60 specialised demolition machines. These range from a 1 t skidsteer loader to a 102 t high-reach excavator. The company is further expanding its fleet in 2023 and introducing new technology to further streamline its processes and approach. “We are able to match our plant and equipment to specific customer requirements in the various heavy industrial segments,” Bester highlights.

Specialised demolition work tools for its fleet of excavators vary in size from a few hundred kilograms up to 15 tonnes. These specialised tools include hydraulic shears, hydraulic hammers, crushers, pulverisers, hacking and ripping tools, rockwheels and assorted bucket attachments, all fitted with quick-change mountings.

Most of the specialised demolition equipment owned by Jet Demolition is not available from other local service providers in South Africa. Its primary demolition equipment is replaced on a 6 000 hour basis. This policy, together with stringent maintenance and a fully equipped plant support department, contributes strongly to safe, reliable and efficient operation of demolition projects.

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