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Sandvik’s largest-capacity battery electric truck nears commercial production

Sandvik is set to introduce the largest-capacity battery-electric truck for underground mining

sandvik th665b 3 2 1198955893 rszww880 90The Sandvik TH665B prototype has an unrivalled 65-tonne payload capacity. (Image source: Sandvik)

The Sandvik TH665B prototype has an unrivalled 65-tonne payload capacity, and is currently completing factory testing. After this, the truck will be trialed at the Sunrise Dam gold mine to prove its viability in a long ramp haulage application. commercial production is expected to commence in late 2023.

Following the introduction of the Sandvik TH550B 50-tonne BEV Sandvik is continuing to execute on its BEV strategy by expanding its line of battery-electric trucks and loaders to include both larger and smaller size classes. Sandvik TH665B is engineered to improve productivity, sustainability and cost efficiency in bulk mining operations.

Henrik Ager, president of Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions, commented, “With more than 50 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of underground mining equipment, we’re proud to continue to lead the way in helping customers embrace more sustainable solutions.

“Our 65-tonne battery-electric truck is our latest development in helping mass hard rock miners and contractors to make the shift towards more productive, emission-free mining.”

Due to an efficient electric driveline, a fully loaded Sandvik TH665B is expected to be up to 30% faster on a 1:7 ramp than a comparable conventional diesel underground truck. Each of the truck’s four wheels is equipped with independent drives, resulting in a simpler driveline, improved overall efficiency and maximum power output. The Sandvik TH665B electric drivetrain delivers 640kW of continuous power, enabling high acceleration and fast ramp speeds.

The truck is equipped with Sandvik’s patented self-swapping system, including the AutoSwap and AutoConnect functions, which enables quick and easy battery swap in a matter of minutes. Sandvik TH665B also features a new battery lifting system for improved reliability. Sandvik has redesigned the battery cage design to improve serviceability, enabling battery module changes without a need to remove the battery packs from the cage for service.

The cabin offers premium operator ergonomics with a significant number of adjustment possibilities to facilitate a comfortable operating environment. The central oscillation frame design results in stability, and front axle suspension ensures a smooth ride on rough roads.

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